Factor 55 launches two new tow straps

Factor 55 introduced two new tow straps this week.

“You asked for it and we listened. Take a look at our new Made In USA tow straps. These straps are tested and made to Factor 55 specifications by a certified USA rigging manufacturer,” the company states in its press release.

Factor 55 New Tow StrapsThe straps are offered in two models, standard and extreme duty. Both straps are a double ply two-inch wide by 30-foot-long and constructed of low stretch 100 percent polyester. While both straps have Cordura reinforced eyes, the entire 30-foot length of the Extreme Duty strap is sleeved in Cordura for maximum abrasion protection.

Like all Factor 55 soft goods each strap is individually serialized for date and material lot traceability. All straps are clearly marked with Working Load Limits (WLL) based on the various strap configurations.

“We prefer double ply two-inch strap construction over wider single ply three- and four-inch wide straps. We have discovered that the wider strap edges get abraded and worn easily versus narrower straps,” Factor 55 reports.

Tow straps are not dynamic elastic recovery straps like “Snatch”, “Yank” and Kinetic Ropes. Tow straps retain very little elasticity and are designed for longer distance prolonged towing. Because of this, the Factor 55 Standard and Extreme Duty Tow Straps may also be used as winch line extensions. Visit Factor 55’s website for more details on strap differences.

Factor 55 Tow Strap