Transfer Flow 50-gallon tank now available for F-150 Power Stroke diesel

Transfer Flow has introduced a 50-gallon high-capacity midship replacement tank for 2018–19 Ford F-150 Power Stroke diesel crew cab short bed trucks.

The 50-gallon Ford replacement tank is ideal for F-150 Power Stroke owners who want to maximize their fuel capacity and driving range without sacrificing truck bed space.

The tank is crafted from ReliaSteel, 12-gauge U.S. high-yield aluminized steel, and includes internal baffles for strength and reduced fuel slosh.

Installation is designed to be easy: drop the plastic stock fuel tank, replace it with the larger steel fuel tank in the same location, fill it up and drive off. Transfer Flow has more than 300 qualified installers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

All Transfer Flow fuel tank systems ship complete with every component needed for installation and are covered by a 6-year, unlimited mile warranty. The F-150 diesel replacement tank is powder coated for a durable black finish with the optional upgrade to add a spray-on textured coat for extra durability.