Dog Box Fuelbox offers three-in-one convenience

Space-saving truck bed solutions are always interesting which is why we were intrigued when we spotted the Dog Box Fuelbox at SEMA.

The 62-inch long aluminum box offers a kennel, a 35-gallon diesel fuel tank and tool storage. The dog box measures 36 inches long, 26 inches high and 20 inches deep. Louvers on the side keep the air flowing for Fido. The tool box measures 26 inches long, 6 inches high and 20 inches deep. A unique rain channel and neoprene seal around the lid creates a water tight seal. The auxiliary fuel tank has a flange weld seam design which doubles weld joint thickness. The filler neck is inside the tool box.

The box, which is taller than most bed rails, is constructed of high-quality .125 marine grade aluminum and has a heavy-duty lid constructed of .100 marine grade aluminum with extra-large lid stiffener.

The box features full lid length hinges and stainless-steel latches and lock assemblies. The tank can be utilized with the Auto Fuel Controller system and the TP13 transfer pump. It can be used as an auxiliary, transfer tank or both. Dog Box FuelBox is built by The FuelBox in Visalia, Calif.

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