Atturo adds 15-inch wide tire to its Trail Blade Boss Series

Updated Oct 31, 2018

If you’ve never seen off-road tire treads that resemble knife blades take a close look at Atturo Tire’s new 15-inch Trail Blade Boss tires.

This latest tire was introduced today at SEMA in Las Vegas and joins Atturo’s Trail Blade Series which feature heavy-duty tread inspired by the Quatermater QSA-1 Boss Hog knife.

“With the extra-wide BOSS, we’re excited to offer an even wider array of choices for today’s extreme lifted trucks,” said Atturo President Michael Mathis. “And we’re equally excited to debut the new tire sizes in Las Vegas during SEMA, the premier automotive specialty products trade show on the planet. SEMA is where the largest collection of modified trucks can be found. The growth in larger lifts and wider wheels is unmistakable. The new wide series of the BOSS gives a distinctive tire choice to these custom vehicles.”

Atturo reports that the extra-large tread blocks do not get distorted as the pattern is expanded up to the 15-inch width. These sizes are specified for installation on up to a 14-inch-wide wheel. This gives the truck owner a more uniform tire and wheel assembly instead of having to stretch an undersized tire onto their wider wheels. This proper application also makes the mounting of the tire safer and faster for the installer.

New extra-wide versions are coming in the following sizes: LT375/45R20 126Q (33×15.0R20), LT375/55R20 128Q (36×15.0R20), LT355/40R22 122Q (33×14.0R22), LT375/45R22 128Q (35×15.0R22), and LT375/40R24 128Q (36×15.0R24).