Noregon updates JPRO diagnostic tool for work trucks

Noregon released a major update for its in-shop diagnostic and repair system, JPRO Professional, and shared details about a new SaaS application called the Vehicle Insights Portal (VIP).

The new version of JPRO Professional builds upon the software’s bi-directional tests for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. This functionality was expanded across most major engine manufacturers, in addition to tests to improve evaluation of braking systems.

“JPRO is made by technicians, for technicians,” said Jason Hedman, JPRO product manager. “My staff and I address real-world issues by adding features to JPRO that make the technician’s job easier. For example, we understand the difficulties faced when trying to diagnose communication issues, so for this release we added functionality that allows JPRO to display CAN error frame data, which helps the tech locate the source of the issue.”

The company noted that all active JPRO Professional subscribers are eligible to update to the latest software at no charge.

The new VIP Services portal offers access to same-day or historical data from vehicles through built-in configurable reports and the ability to export data to back-office systems. Built-in reports cover fuel economy, parameter information such as idle metrics and detailed JPRO fault information including total scans, comprehensive fault data, and common/recurring faults.