TomTom Bridge Hub to provide Daimler truck drivers with navigation & vehicle data

TomTom recently announced that its vehicle-integrated TomTom Bridge Hub platform has been chosen by Daimler Trucks to provide drivers with navigation and vehicle data.

Daimler Truck drivers using the new infotainment system will be able to utilize TomTom’s connected navigation and traffic information while being able to access critical vehicle data all while using their favorite Android apps via the built-in vehicle display.

The TomTom Bridge Hub puts the TomTom Bridge platform in a small and display-agnostic device that can be fully integrated into a vehicle.

TomTom Bridge is a flexible, open platform that integrates TomTom’s technology into commercial vehicle businesses, helping them to move more efficiently. It allows Android based business applications to connect seamlessly with TomTom services, providing mobility solutions on a single device.

“The TomTom Bridge Hub shows how deeply, but simply, we can integrate our technology into vehicle architecture – and how far it can be customized,” said Mike Schoofs, managing director at TomTom consumer. “Truck drivers can enjoy our incredible navigation and traffic information, keep a check on their vehicle data, and enjoy the Android apps that matter the most to them for life on the road.”