SureCall introduces new cell phone range booster N-Range

Updated Sep 24, 2018

SureCall recently launched N-Range, its latest cellular signal booster designed to deliver reliable cell phone connectivity for single devices in trucks and other vehicles.

“We are at a time when vehicle technology is innovating and materials like steel and aluminum, which reflect cell phone signals, are becoming more commonly used and, all the while, the connected car is becoming more reliant on reliable access to cellular signals and connected cell phones,” explained Frankie Smith, vice president of sales at SureCall. “To overcome these challenges in the vehicle we developed an adaptable new technology that amplifies a cell signal at its strongest point to drastically improve in-vehicle connectivity.”

N-Range’s Extended Range Technology is a patent-pending new technology that amplifies a signal immediately at its strongest point to boost the signal at maximum power before feeding the signal directly to the device. In doing so, ERT has a greater ability to receive a signal from the cell tower, connect the user’s cell phone or device and return the signal back to the cell tower for improved calling, texting and 4G LTE data using distant or very hard-to-reach cell towers.

  • Increased cellular reliability for one device at a time that needs clearer calling, uninterrupted texting and faster data speeds in weak cell signal areas of the road.
  • Improved cell signals for all North American carriers including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Bell, Telus, Rogers, Telcel and all others.
  • Support for any cellular powered device by simply placing the device right on the N-Range air-vent phone mount antenna.
  • Hands-free support for all signals including 2G, 3G, 4G LTE data and more. This means drivers or passengers can call, text, use data and run applications without needing to handle the device.
  • Simple installation makes it quick to install and easy to transfer to other vehicles.

“N-Range is the product of the industry’s best radio frequency and industrial design engineers working together to produce a piece of technology that combines unwavering performance with an iconic and simplified design,” explained Hongtao Zhan, founder and CEO of SureCall. “The ERT design presents a giant leap forward for cellular connectivity in vehicles and consumers can expect to see much more reliable cell reception.”

The entire N-Range kit – comprised of the N-Range antenna, phone mount antenna and power adapter – can fit in the palm of your hand. N-Range magnetically attaches to the exterior of the vehicle and the air-vent cradle mount indoor antenna provides a secure and hands-free hold that delivers the improved cell phone signal directly to the device.