Performance Diesel’s new Big Boss Tuner delivers more power, greater fuel efficiency

Updated Sep 21, 2018

Performance Diesel Inc. (PDI) recently launched its Big Boss Tuner HD, a hand-held tuner designed for fast and easy installation that will typically deliver a 10 to 15 percent increase in horsepower and torque while providing an uptick in fuel economy for Cummins, Cat, Detroit, Paccar and International medium and heavy-duty engines.

Big Boss is WiFi updatable and features customizable vehicle settings along with a customizable gauge display that can reveal up to six parameters at once including turbo boost, exhaust gas temperatures, coolant temperature, rail pressure, oil pressure, intake manifold temperature, engine RPM, vehicle speed and more.

PDI’s Big Boss TunerPDI’s Big Boss Tuner

“The tuner allows PDI customers to manage their performance options, vehicle settings, and various other features directly on the large touch screen,” explained PDI Owner Jerad Wittwer.

The user also has the ability to adjust the speed limiter, gear ratios, cruise control and engine brake settings—or revert back to factory settings.

“The user can easily install or remove the tuning for whatever reason if needed,” Wittwer said.

Also, Big Boss will not violate OEM warranties, a misconception that often comes up when the topic turns to tuners.

“Another misconception is that it takes the longevity out of the engine. That’s wrong. We do it safely,” Wittwer said. “We make sure all of the components are running within OEM specifications. We pride ourselves on our tuning and take our time in development to make sure our customers have the best performance and drivability possible.”

Big Boss has been approved by for use in California by the state’s Air Resources Board.

And while running clean with additional power expect to see greater fuel efficiency.

“One of the most exciting features is that the Big Boss Tuner is an investment that continually pays for itself in fuel savings,” Wittwer said. “We have seen savings from $350 as high as $800 per month, depending on fuel cost and miles driven.”

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