Rand McNally launches new DashCam 500 & companion app

Rand McNally launched its new DashCam 500 and companion app that delivers high-quality video and still photos, making it simple to save, organize and share images. The app is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

“We’ve seen strong demand for dash cameras the past few years,” said Stephen Fletcher, CEO of Rand McNally. “This new device includes a host of proprietary features such as VideoKeeper and MapShots, which give existing dash cam users something new and better to use, as well as provides those who haven’t used such a product with a user-friendly model to begin.”

The DashCam 500 has:

  • A Flashback button, which not only starts saving video but provides several minutes of preceding video
  • “G” sensor accident protection that automatically senses and then saves video footage when there’s an impact to the vehicle; the footage is saved with a time and date stamp – even when parked
  • A smartphone app that lets users view live videos from the camera, manage a gallery of still photos and video, change the camera settings, and download and share captures to email, social media platforms, and texts
  • The Gallery on both the camera and app displays all of the videos and photos that have been recorded and saved
  • Active VideoKeeper, which ensures that saved videos are never overwritten and are easily saved to the Gallery and/or downloaded to the app
  • MapShots, which uses the built-in GPS to show where a video was captured on a map when viewed on the app
  • Four buttons along the bottom of the screen that allow you to navigate and control the functionality on the dash cam

The DashCam 500 mounts to the windshield with a clip-in suction cup mount and records in 1080p on a continuous loop using an included, replaceable 16 GB SD card.

The DashCam 5000 retails online for $179.99.

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