TopperEZLift offers greater space, accessibility in a pickup bed

While pickup bed toppers help protect equipment from theft and the elements they can also limit accessibility and cargo height.

TopperEZLift gets around those problems by offering a 12-volt lift kit that can elevate a bed shell at the touch of a button.

TopperEZLift, which teamed up with industry leader A.R.E., can raise a topper up to 17.5 inches allowing plenty of access to a truck bed from the side as well as additional vertical clearance for taller loads.

The self-install kit weighs in at 55 lbs. (add 17 lbs. for the contractor camper package) and can be driven in the elevated position up to eight inches high.

“We tested up to 80 mph with a one-piece molded fiberglass topper,” said TopperEZLift owner Tod Bruestle.

TopperEZLift can’t verify the strength of every topper going back through the decades, so look into the shell manufacturer’s suggestions on riding with an elevated top.

Having increased access and height in a covered pickup bed is hard to beat.

“Pallet loading with a fork lift saves backs time and money,” Bruestle said. “Side load access is easy on the knees. You’re turning an ordinary truck into a box truck essentially.”

The TopperEZLift has struck a chord with Ram truck owners who can now have a shell and still have access to their built-in Ram boxes on the sides of their bed.

The camper package offers waterproof canvas-like sides with zip-out windows that will rise into place as the topper is elevated. Tent options are available.

For rack-equipped toppers that may be hauling ladders and other items, the linear actuators of the EZLift system are capable of lifting a total of 900 lbs.

A.R.E. is currently distributing TopperEZLift systems. For more information visit

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