BDS Suspension launches coilover lift kits for 2001-2010 GM heavy-duty pickups

BDS Suspension announced today that 4 1/2- and 6 ½-inch coilover lift kits are now available for 2001-2010 GM heavy-duty pickups.

“With many of these trucks still on the road, BDS Suspension has developed and is excited to announce the release of new upgrade options for the torsion bar IFS converting over to premium quality FOX 2.5 factory series DSC coilovers,” BDS reports in its press release.

The new systems are based on BDS’s high clearance IFS systems, now integrating FOX’s coilover technology gathered from extensive testing.

Similar to the popular coilover conversion systems offered for the late model 2011-2018 heavy-duty trucks, these new coilover conversion systems for 2001-2010 Chevy and GMC heavy-duty pickups allow room for up to 37-inch tires.

Visit BDS Suspension’s website for more information.

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