VMAC launches world’s first direct-transmission mounted PTO driven air compressor with hydraulics

VMAC recently announced the release of the world’s first direct-transmission mounted PTO driven air compressor with hydraulics.

The VMAC DTM70-H maximizes productivity with up to 70 CFM of air at 100 psi, and up to 14.9 GPM of hydraulic flow at 3265 psi, all at 100 percent duty cycle (demonstration video posted below).

“This new innovative product provides work truck owners and fleets with continuous duty compressed air, and hydraulic power to run a crane or other equipment, all in one complete, compact, and easy to install system,” said Gordon Duval, VMAC’s vice-president of marketing and sales. “Prior to this innovation, service truck operators required two separate systems to run both operations, adding costs, installation time and complexity, maintenance routines, as well as increasing weight and taking up space on the truck.”

An under the chassis view of VMAC’s DTM70-HAn under the chassis view of VMAC’s DTM70-H

VMAC reports that the DTM70-H installs 30 percent faster than competitive hydraulic systems, reducing installation time, complexity and cost. Its lightweight design can result in up to 600 pounds in reduced truck GVW. The EPA estimates a 2 percent reduction in fuel consumption for every 100 pounds of vehicle weight savings.

Additionally, as the DTM70-H is an underdeck PTO driven system, there’s zero footprint on the truck deck allowing for more space for storing tools and equipment in the back of the truck.

“With this latest innovation, VMAC has solved many industry challenges and we believe the VMAC DTM70-H will become the standard for underdeck hydraulic air systems moving forward,” Duval said. “With no drive shafts or transfer case modifications involved, there is simply no better, or more elegant solution for air and hydraulics in one compact, powerful and easy to install system.”

The DTM70-H can be installed on 2017-2018 Ford F250-F550 Super Duty diesel trucks, and like all VMAC air compressors, is backed by a VMAC Lifetime Limited Warranty. For more information about the VMAC Direct-Transmission. Mounted Air Compressor with Hydraulics, visit www.vmacair.com/DTM70-H.