VMAC debuts new underhood compressor for trucks and vans

Tuesday at the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis VMAC unveiled its new Underhood40 air compressor for trucks and commercial vans, offering up to 40 CFM at 100 percent duty cycle.

“VMAC’s VR30 has always been the lightest weight mobile air compressor available,” says Mike Pettigrew, VMAC’s Marketing Manager. “Now with the upgrade to the VR40, it offers more power for our customers, as well as additional product improvements for even more value.”

The upgrade from the Underhood30 to the Underhood40 includes an increase in maximum output from up to 30 CFM to up to 40 CFM at full duty cycle. The VR40 system weighs 62 pounds, making it up to 290 pounds lighter than the average weight of comparable gas drive air compressors, which results in reduction of vehicle fuel costs of up to 5 percent. The system features an adjustable throttle control to increase or decrease vehicle RPM, allowing for RPM to be dropped when less air is required, reducing fuel use during operation, lowering vehicle maintenance costs and extending vehicle lifespan.

The digital controller for the VR40 is easier to install than its predecessor, with all wiring pre-built with the connectors, allowing for a plug and play style set up. The digital display box is smaller for easier mounting and features error tracking, which provides information about system behavior when needed for diagnosing errors. The digital controller includes fan on/off capability, so the system can be cooled when needed, but not overcooled.