Flex-A-Lite launches new line of transmission & engine oil coolers

Flex-A-Lite has launched a new line of advanced transmission and engine-oil coolers.

The all-aluminum coolers have been optimized for typical oil viscosities and uses and are designed to provide better cooling without significantly decreasing oil pressure.

“The new Flex-A-Lite transmission coolers provide class-leading cooling for the toughest environments, such as racing and towing. They are also great for daily-driven cars, trucks and Jeeps,” Flex-A-Lite states in its press release.

Improved cooling efficiency is owed to a patented dimpled plate and fin design. Flex-A-Lite reports that its proprietary dimpled pattern keeps the fluid mixed as it flows through the cooler, providing better heat transfer and cooling. Without this, a cool outer layer of fluid would form near the tube wall and hot fluid would pass through the middle without receiving significant cooling.

Flex-A-Lite reports that its transmission coolers provide nearly double the heat transfer compared to typical low-cost coolers. The dimples are

also credited for making the plates stronger and providing the transmission cooler a 500-psi rated burst strength. Flex-A-Lite transmission coolers are also ideal for use as power-steering coolers.

Flex-A-Lite reports that its new engine-oil coolers provide up to four times the heat rejection compared to typical low-cost coolers.

“In these extreme conditions, engine-coolant alone isn’t enough to protect the engine oil and internal components from premature wear or failure,” Flex-A-Lite states.

Flex-A-Lite engine-oil coolers use internal turbulator fins built into the cooling plates to keep the fluid mixed as it flows through the cooler, which is designed to provide better heat transfer and cooling. The Turbulizer also make the plates much stronger and give the Engine-Oil Cooler a 500-psi rated burst strength. The 1 ¾-inch core minimizes oil-pressure drop through the cooler while maximizing heat transfer.

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