Cummins’ FleetguardFIT monitors oil and filter

Cummins Filtration today announced FleetguardFIT, the first complete real-time filtration monitoring system that provides actionable data on filter and oil life through the use of sensors and advanced data analytics.

Cummins reports that FleetguardFIT provides fleets and customers the ability to proactively detect problems allowing them to avoid costly downtime, reduce repair and maintenance costs and improve total cost of ownership.

“This product is another example of how we are innovating to deliver the right solution to our customers to help them be as successful as possible,” said Amy Davis, general manager, Cummins Filtration. “FleetguardFIT allows customers to precisely understand the condition of filters and oil based on real-world usage, which is a significant improvement over the current and conventional maintenance schedules that are based only on typical duty cycles. By knowing exactly what is occurring, customers can use the equipment more efficiently, reduce maintenance costs and ultimately enhance their bottom line. FleetguardFIT is a terrific product that delivers great economic value to our customers.”

FleetguardFIT has been installed on various equipment applications in industries such as mining, rail, truck, bus, and power-generation across the globe. FleetguardFIT uses sensors, a control module, and existing telematics services to collect and communicate filter and oil life information in real time.

A subscription portal and a mobile app are also available for equipment condition data reports that are actively monitored.

“The ability to completely monitor filter performance in real time allows equipment owners, maintenance personnel, and users to tailor service intervals based on true equipment usage and remaining oil and filter life,” Cummins states.

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