TBC Brands continues expansion with four new light truck lines

TBC Brands has added four new flagship highway light truck tire lines: Multi-Mile, Eldorado, Delta and Vanderbilt brands.

TBC Brands continues to expand its exclusive Core Brand program with the addition of the Multi-Mile Wild Country HRT, Eldorado HTX Sport, Delta Sierradial HT Plus, and Vanderbilt Turbo-Tech HST2 to target the fastest growing tire segment. The brands are designed for all-season traction performance, extended treadwear and a smooth and quiet ride for on-highway and commuter use.

“These great new lines are designed to help you take control of the booming SUV, CUV & light truck market with an exclusive, profit-driving product offering that competes across the board with the segment’s best, at a price that maximizes your bottom line success,” said Jon Vance, vice president of product marketing for TBC Brands.

All tires will be available in 50 metric and LT sizes in 16- to 20-inch inch diameters, and will cover a broad number of SUV, CUV, pickup, and van fitments. Warranty protection includes:

  • 65,000 mile/105,000 kilometer limited treadwear warranty
  • Free 30 Day Test Drive
  • Free 2-year Roadside Assistance
  • Free 1-year Road Hazard Protection program
  • Free defect replacement for 50% of usable tread life

The new sizes will launch beginning in January 2018 through March 2018.

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