LTA Manufacturing now offering LoadMaster cargo management systems

Screen Shot 2017 12 18 At 11 04 56 PmLTA Manufacturing announced that it is now offering the LoadMaster series of in-bed sliding tray cargo management systems including the LoadMaster Composite (CP) Bed System, LoadMaster SD (Standard Duty) and LoadMaster HD (Heavy Duty).

Designed for pickup owners needing storage, security, space management and ease of getting heavy equipment in and out of the bed, the LoadMaster series is designed to combine functionality with durability.

“At LTA Manufacturing LLC, we are proud to provide a variety of cargo management systems to our customers, and our LoadMaster series offers options for any type of use,” said Dustin Geyer, president of LTA Manufacturing.

“These in-bed systems are incredibly popular and are very useful, whether for work or personal use. The benefit of the LoadMaster series is that pickup drivers do not have to jump in and out of the truck bed to load or unload because the items easily slide out, making it easier to move items in and out of the bed and access hard-to-reach spaces located up by the cab. Toolboxes, power equipment, generators, camping gear, fishing supplies and more will all fit securely on the LoadMaster HD.”

LTA reports that the LoadMaster Composite Bed System is the only cargo management system with an all-fiberglass one-piece sliding tray with side rails and interval locking points allowing for a lighter, smoother operation than the LoadMaster SD with all the same weight carrying capacity as the SD.

The composite deck is coated in rugged spray-on bed liner material and features a 1,000 pound weight capacity with the drill installation and 800 pound capacity with the no-drill installation option. Available for full size 5 ½-foot, 6 ½-foot and 8-foot truck beds, it comes equipped with a five-year limited warranty.

With sliding tray decking covered in all-weather material and 3 ½-inch steel tube side rails and a front bulkhead, the LoadMaster SD is the newest cargo management system in the LoadMaster series.

The SD features a powder-coated steel frame and tracks, rugged commercial design and a dual latching system to hold the tray in the locked position when closed. It has a 1,000-pound weight capacity with the drill installation and an 800-pound weight capacity with the no-drill installation. As with the LoadMaster Composite, the SD has a five-year limited warranty. The SD fits into 5 1/2-foot, 6 1/2-foot and 8-foot full size and 5- and 6-feet compact truck beds.

LTA Manufacturing LLC’s LoadMaster HD fits full size 5 1/2-foot, 6 1/2-foot and 8-foot truck beds and has a 1,200-pound weight capacity with a reinforced track system. The steel diamond tread deck is coated in rugged spray-on bed liner material. Complete with 3 1/2-inch steel tube side rails and front bulkhead, dual latching system and five-year limited warranty, the LoadMaster HD is the heavy duty solution for all cargo management needs.