New York sanitation company adding video cameras to its entire fleet

Updated Dec 6, 2017

New York-based sanitation company Action Environmental Group announced today that a successful pilot program has led to plans for equipping its entire fleet with video cameras.

Action began using camera systems from 3rd Eye technology in one of its divisions last year. The company reports that the systems proved so beneficial in reducing risky behavior and improving safety that it plans to equip all of its 300-plus trucks with 3rd Eye technology by the end of this year.

“In the first three months of deployment, I have personally seen a 30 to 50 percent reduction in risky behavior,” Action Environmental Group’s Director of Safety Ken Levine siad. “And in some cases, we have even seen the system play a serious role in workers’ compensation claim investigations.”

3rd Eye camera systems record both the driver and the road, providing constant awareness of what’s happening inside and outside the vehicle. In addition to the hardware, a team from 3rd Eye analyzes the video that’s been recorded and identifies any problems or issues, giving Action a high-tech edge in training and coaching operators about safe driving.

The 3rd Eye camera systems do more than help improve safety. The systems help Action management with route optimization, service verification, risky behavior reduction and post-crash fault analysis, which helps eliminate false or fraudulent claims of damage.

Since implementing these smart safety tools, Action has seen a decrease in both the severity of incidents and the amount of employee injuries.

“We enjoy our professional relationship with 3rd Eye,” says Levine. “They’re a national company, and they treat us with the same level of respect and attention to our business as they do large, nationwide companies.”