AutomotiveTouchup offers OEM-matched paint through a user-friendly website

Fleet vehicles with scratches and paint chips don’t exactly inspire confidence.

To cover up those imperfections and help your business look its best, AutomotiveTouchup offers OEM-matched paint and body products through its easy-to-use website.

“With AutomotiveTouchup’s quality products, from ready-to-spray pints, quarts and gallons, to handy aerosol spray cans, touch-up bottles and pens, you can maintain a professional, corporate appearance for your van or truck without having the downtime associated with a professional paint repair,” the Louisiana-based company reports.

AutomotiveTouchup offers plenty of related supplies and tools to complete the paint repair, including premium-grade sandpaper and sanding blocks, body filler, masking products as well as respirators and spray guns.

Paint matching is easy with AutomotiveTouchup’s website. On their homepage, I entered the year, make and model of my truck and all the available paint colors for that particular pickup came up on the screen. I found my color fast. If you have your vehicle’s color code, you’ll find your paint even faster. Orders will arrive in about a week.

Automotive Touchup has posted how-to videos, including a clip that shows how to prep and paint a plastic bumper. Check it out below.