Mud Claw Extreme MT gets 13 new tire sizes

TBC’s popular Mudclaw Extreme MT line is expanding to 13 new tire sizes.TBC’s popular Mudclaw Extreme MT line is expanding to 13 new tire sizes.

TBC Brands, one of the largest distributors of private brand tires in North America, has expanded its popular Mud Claw Extreme MT line with 13 new sizes, including two new sizes in 22-inch diameter.

The new sizes expand the total size offering in the Mud Claw Extreme MT to 31 LT and flotation fitments, providing broad coverage in the mud traction (MT) segment.

TBC reports that Mud Claw Extreme MT tires provide dealers and consumers a high value combination of outstanding performance and top-tier appearance at an economical price point.

“For enthusiasts, the Mud Claw Extreme MT is an outstanding alternative to much higher priced products in the mud traction segment that are often in short supply,” said Jon Vance, Vice President of Product Marketing for TBC Brands. “With the addition of these 13 new sizes, including 22-inch fitments, the value proposition offered by this great line has become even stronger for both dealers and consumers.”

The new sizes will be available on a rolling basis through the fall of 2018.

  1. LT315/75R16
  2. LT235/80R17
  3. LT315/70R17
  4. LT275/65R18
  5. LT305/70R18
  6. LT305/55R20
  7. 50R15LT
  8. 50R15LT
  9. 50R17LT
  10. 50R17LT
  11. 50R20LT
  12. 50R22LT
  13. 50R22LT