Tuffy Model 322 security console insert available for 2011-2016 Ford Super Duty trucks

Tuff Security InsertTuff Security Insert

Tuffy Security Products recently introduced its new Model 322 Security Console Insert for 2011-2016 Ford Super Duty trucks with a flow-through center console.

The patent-pending console insert integrates into the OEM console, maintaining a stock look, and allows full use of the factory accessory tray, accessory rubber insert, armrest and lid.

Model 322 Security Console Inserts use heavy-duty, 16-gauge welded steel construction, and feature a pick-resistant 10-tumbler double-bitted lock, plus Tuffy Security Products’ exclusive Pry-Guard patented locking system, which deters theft. The Pry-Guard latch mechanism uses 1/8-inch thick high-strength steel, and includes full perimeter built-in weather seals to control moisture and dust intrusion.

The console insert offers over 1400 cu. in. of interior storage space, and features an exclusive lid support, which keeps the lid open while accessing contents.  It also has an integrated external accessory tray to keep convenience items within easy reach, and provides electrical accessory cord access to the optional OEM 12-volt power outlets from the console.

Featuring a durable texture, powder coat finish, the insert comes ready to install in just a few minutes without drilling, using simple hand tools.

“The Security Console Insert for late-model Super Duty trucks are ideal for law enforcement professionals, as well as those in other security services,” says Tuffy Security products marketing manager Chip Olson. “The Model 322, and all of our other security storage products and accessories, are made with top quality American craftsmanship, and feature heavy-duty construction throughout.  Our vehicle storage solutions protect expensive law enforcement gear and supplies for as long as the vehicle is in service.”