Minimizer Fast Flaps save time and money

Minimizer Fast FlapMinimizer Fast Flap

Putting off the task of replacing damaged or missing mud flaps not only looks unprofessional, it can also mean facing a costly fine.

To help get mud flaps back where they belong quickly, consider Minimizer Fast Flaps.

It’s not uncommon, especially for a dump truck, to back over a flap and rip it clean from the bracket as the truck rides up on a pile of dirt. Once that flap tears off, you’re out of luck—unless you’ve got Minimizer Fast Flaps.

Fast Flaps are designed to be released from stainless-steel pinch brackets once 500 pounds of force or more pulls down on the flaps. A screwdriver is then used to pry the pinch brackets open to reinsert the flap. (See video below.)

“Fast Flaps eliminate a huge headache,” said Minimizer CEO and Chief Visionary Craig Kruckeberg. “You don’t have to spend any more cash on new flaps or pay expensive fines from driving without a flap. Installing Fast Flaps takes seconds. Truck drivers are busy people, so time saved is money earned.”