ATC Truck Cover launches three new truck bed systems

Updated May 22, 2017
ATC Composite bed systemATC Composite bed system

ATC Truck Cover has launched a new line of bed systems for utility and construction companies, contractors and everyday truck owners.

“High-quality, durable ATC Bed Systems offer convenience and flexibility on the job, helping users improve ergonomics, minimize safety occurrences and maximize productivity,” ATC states in its press release.

“Whether working out of a pickup, van or utility body, ATC sliding Bed Systems make it easy to access your cargo area to reach your tools and gear even when fully loaded with up to 1,200 pounds.”

ATC Truck Covers has three bed systems options:

Standard Duty

The ATC Truck Covers’ Standard Duty Bed System comes with a steel framed plywood deck covered in all-weather material, 3 ½-inch steel tube side rails and bulkhead, and powder-coated steel frame and tracks.

Heavy Duty

New for ATC Truck Covers, the ATC Heavy Duty Bed System has a steel diamond tread deck coated in Line-X protective coatings, 3 ½-inch steel tube side rails and bulkhead, all-steel construction and reinforced track system.


The ATC Composite Bed System is the only cargo management system with an all-fiberglass deck. This allows for lighter and smoother operation with the same weight capacity of the Standard Duty Bed System.

Users can choose the ATC bed systems that’s right for them, along with ATC’s other cargo management options at