Sumitomo announces new Ice Edge winter tire

Sumitomo Ice Edge tireSumitomo Ice Edge tire

TBC Brands announced today the introduction of its Sumitomo Ice Edge car and light truck tire.

The Ice Edge is certified with the RMA Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) symbol for severe snow performance. Sumitomo reports that the tire provides an outstanding combination of cold weather grip and superior stability, handling performance and smooth ride comfort.

Highlights of the Sumitomo Ice Edge include:

  • “Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake” (3PMSF) certification
  • Available in 57 passenger, CUV and SUV sizes for the 2017 season
  • Specially formulated tread compound tuned to superior performance in low temps
  • Unique Sumitomo 3D sipe technology maximizes tread “bite” on snow and ice
  • A free lifetime replacement for workmanship and material defects

Tbd Sumitomo Ice Edge Wheel 03 Cmp“TBC Brands is thrilled to add the first studdable winter tire to the already robust product line offered by the Sumitomo brand,” said Jon Vance, vice president of product marketing for TBC Brands.

“The Ice Edge was specially designed to target the particular demands of cold-weather related driving.  Complemented by the unique Sumitomo 3D sipe technology, the Ice Edge is a perfect choice for drivers who want a top tier, winter tire that provides superior stability and handling performance in a variety of winter driving environments.”

The Sumitomo Ice Edge tire is now available in North America, in 57 sizes, 14- to 20-inch rim diameters.