Brandmotion’s Radar Blind Spot System available for Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter

Brandmotion’s RBDS-1400Brandmotion’s RBDS-1400

Brandmotion’s Radar Blind Spot System for Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter vans are now available to retailers nationwide.

The RBDS-1400 gives aftermarket retailers the ability to sell an OEM system that is proven to reduce accidents while driving and maneuvering.

“After announcing our commitment to Vision Zero and changing our tagline to ‘Safer Cars Today,’ delivering this life-saving product shows we are putting our efforts behind our words,” said Jeff Varick, president of Brandmotion. “Driver blind spots account for more than 800,000 accidents and 300 fatalities per year. While manufacturers are beginning to embrace detection systems in newer vehicles, the aftermarket needs a proven solution for the millions of vehicles already on the road.”

The RBDS-1400 has an MSRP of $729.95 and consists of a central processor and two radar sensors that are installed behind the bumper at the rear corners of the vehicle. Within the cabin, blind spot warning indicators are installed on the A-pillars.

The system begins monitoring above 15 mph. If it senses a vehicle in the blind spot, it illuminates the indicator light.

Because radar sensors are used rather than side-mounted cameras, they are completely hidden from view and do not affect the vehicle exterior appearance in any way. Also, they are not affected by inclement weather.

In addition to blind spot monitoring, the RBDS-1400 includes an aftermarket industry exclusive cross-traffic monitoring system. Activated when the vehicle is put into reverse, the system warns the driver with an audible alert and indicator light if it senses vehicles, people or other objects that may cross behind the vehicle while it is backing up.

Brandmotion also offers vehicle-specific mounting brackets for the RDBS-1400. Visit for more information.