Buyers Products introduces slide-out bed boxes

Updated Mar 28, 2017
Buyers Products has launched its Slide Out Truck Bed Box line.Buyers Products has launched its Slide Out Truck Bed Box line.

Buyers Products has introduced new aluminum slide-out truck bed boxes designed to fit comfortably in a truck bed and provide easy access to tools.

The boxes, which are constructed of smooth aluminum and feature a rain-gutter design, are available in five sizes and three finishes: aluminum, white or black.

A push button locking latch releases the drawers which automatically lock in position every eight inches to control drawer motion. Movable partitions and dividers provide plenty of options for organizing tools and hardware.

“Our new Slide Out Truck Bed Box was built will all of the strength and durability Buyers’ boxes are known for,” said Scott Kalanish, senior project engineer. “We really wanted to focus on a design that provided a lightweight framework with an industry leading weight capacity.”