BOLT locks now standard on Royal Truck bodies

Royal Truck Body will now use BOLT locks only.Royal Truck Body will now use BOLT locks only.

Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology (BOLT) announced that it’s now the only lock used in handle assemblies on all Royal Truck Body models. The work truck body manufacturer has made BOLT standard across its entire product line.

“After extensive testing and the positive customer feedback we received by offering BOLT as an option for two years, we decided to redesign our handle hardware and make it our only lock solution offering,” said Blake Montero, director of sales and marketing at Royal Truck Body. “BOLT is the best choice for our product line and our truck body customers because it’s a far superior security solution. BOLT locks are a high quality product made here in the U.S.”

Royal Truck Body had been searching for a more robust automotive grade lock for its product line. “Traditional service body compartment locks are like those found on desk hardware, and even push button locking systems do not offer the level of protection our customers require to safeguard tools, equipment and supplies,” Montero stated.

“With those products there are only so many lock combinations and there are other trucks on the road that share the same keys and codes. With BOLT Locks, the key is unique to the ignition, so the level of security is immediately and automatically much higher.”

BOLT reports that its one-key solution also has a cost saving benefit because it eliminates the time and money spent on key management and the replacement of lost keys.

BOLT locks are opened using a single ignition key, which is permanently programmed the first time it is inserted into the lock cylinder. From then on, only that uniquely coded ignition key can lock or unlock any of the compartment doors on a service body as well as any other BOLT Locks used on toolboxes, trailer hitches, ladder racks or other items.

“Some fleets are replacing locks three or four times on average over the lifetime of our service bodies, which can be as long as 20 years,” Montero related. “Along with the cost of replacement keys, they are spending a lot of money on parts and labor, not to mention downtime associated with lost keys. As a manufacturer, we found that because BOLT locks feature a much better grade of cylinder, our warranty costs are much lower. With BOLT locks we did not have to raise prices so we’re saving money for ourselves and for our customers. No one else can say that but a body company that incorporates BOLT one-key lock technology into all of their locks.”

Royal Truck Body is also offering BOLT locks for retrofit on models dating back to 2007. New and retrofit handle assemblies designed specifically for BOLT locks are the result of a joint engineering effort by Royal Truck Body and STRATTEC(r) Security Corporation, the maker of BOLT Locks.

“BOLT locks have increased in popularity among truck body manufacturers for their high level of security, versatility, convenience and overall lower cost,” said Erika Garcia, national sales manager at BOLT. “We are pleased that Royal Truck Body has made BOLT standard across its product line and we will continue to work with them and other body manufacturers to develop and provide highly effective locking solutions for our commercial and fleet customers.”