Stemco’s new universal tie rod reduces downtime

Stemco’s new Qwiktie is a universal tie rod designed to save time and money.Stemco’s new Qwiktie is a universal tie rod designed to save time and money.

To help reduce downtime owed to parts availability, Stemco has introduced its new Qwiktie tie rod assembly which is designed to fit more than 80 percent of the straight tie rod lengths and styles in the market.

“Many of our customers said that due to a lack of stocked tie rod cross-tubes for their vehicles, mechanics would often improvise and struggle to rebuild them rather than take the truck out of service, due to the time it would take for a replacement part to arrive,” explained Alejandro Ayala, segment business leader, suspension.

“When we heard this, we knew there would be a strong demand for a nearly universal tie rod assembly that would allow dealers to reduce their overhead stock and eliminate the need for maintenance personnel to improvise repairs. The Qwiktie assembly is a performance solution that meets this need.”

The Qwiktie tie rod assembly includes several key features, like finer threads, enabling more precise adjustment and increased clamping and tube strength to hold the alignment longer and reduce stress and other components. It also provides unique design features to facilitate the proper installation.

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