Icon’s uniball tool kit speeds up suspension work

Icon's latest tool kit speeds up uniball installation and removalIcon Vehicle Dynamics has announced the release of its On-Vehicle Uniball Replacement Tool Kit.

Icon’s latest tool makes it much easier to press in and press out uniballs (spherical bearings) into Icon tubular steel and billet aluminum upper control arms.

The tool kit comes with everything necessary to service uniballs in Icon upper control arms, as well as other control arms that utilize a 1-inch uniball.

Tool design allows the job to be performed with the control arm still on the vehicle, saving work and time.

Because a hydraulic press is not required when using this kit, Icon reports that safety is improved while the chance of permanent damage to the control arm is reduced.

Icon products are made in the U.S at its Southern California based facility.


  • Makes on-vehicle uniball service practical, easy and safe
  • Reduces chance of damage to control arm
  • Compatible with all 1-inch uniballs
  • Made in the U.S.


  • Using tool with Icon billet aluminum UCA’s will require use of included 7 degree washer (except Part #58560, 58570).
  • Verifying alignment of tool components is critical prior to pressing uniball in or out. Damage to tool kit components or the control arm is possible if proper care is not taken.


  • Part # – 614518
  • Jobber / MAP – $149.95
  • MSRP – $157.45
  • Weight / Dimensions – 3 lbs. / 14″ x 6″ x 4″ (L x W x H)