Curt’s new gooseneck hitch for Ford Super Duty speeds up install time

Curt Has Designed A New Hitch For Ford Super Duty Trucks That's Easier To InstallCurt Manufacturing announced that it’s designed a new gooseneck hitch specifically for Ford Super Duty trucks that speeds up installation time.

“This OEM-style hitch is a highly valuable asset for Curt dealers and consumers alike, featuring a one-person installation, a 30K weight rating and a limited lifetime warranty, all wrapped up in a dependable, made-in-USA design,” a Curt representative said.

Like its Double Lock EZr, the new OEM-style gooseneck hitch for Ford boasts a one-person installation (see video below). Curt expects the new design to be a game-changer for Curt dealers.

The hitch is built with fewer, more compact pieces, so they can be lifted and bolted into place by a single installer, without the help of a second person.

Curt’s also eliminated a number of steps from the process to speed up installation time, including:

  • No need to lower the exhaust
  • No need to remove the truck bed
  • No welding required
  • No bed flange trimming required
  • No frame drilling required

The OEM-style gooseneck hitch offers a gross trailer weight capacity of 30,000 lbs. and a patented 2 5/16-inch latch-locking trailer ball.

The U.S. made hitch comes with a rust-resistant liquid Aquence coating and a limited lifetime warranty.