Rear View Safety introduces new wireless backup camera system

New wireless backup camera system from Rear View Safety.New wireless backup camera system from Rear View Safety.

Rear View Safety recently introduced its RVS-155W Wireless Backup Camera System that features a 70-foot range.

The RVS-155W is equipped with a waterproof camera with 18 infra-reds, a 5-inch monitor, and a 70-foot digital wireless range guaranteed to work even at highway speeds. The system will be available April 1.

“I’m very proud that Rear View Safety continues to pave the way for the industry,” said Rear View Safety Executive Vice President Joseph Schechter.

“The RVS-155W is many years of hard work in the making. Perfection takes time, and after countless prototypes, field tests, and mockups, we’ve finally got wireless completely right.”

To find out more about the RVS-155W Wireless Backup Camera System, or to learn more about the wide range of backup camera system products that Rear View Safety has released to market recently, please visit or call 800-764-1028.

Rear View Safety joined the Safe Fleet Family in mid-2016. The Brooklyn based company, which is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year, specializes in working with OEMs across all industries to produce camera safety solutions for various vehicles.

Rear View Safety’s fleet division offers video systems for truck, trailer, commercial van, construction, bus and shuttle, government and municipality, emergency, agriculture, industrial and recreational vehicles. The recent partnership with Safe Fleet has allowed Rear View Safety to expand further into new markets.