Icon Six Speed wheel for hard-to-fit Toyota Tundra

Icon’s Six Speed 17-inch wheel will fit Toyota Tundra and Land CruiserIcon’s Six Speed 17-inch wheel will fit Toyota Tundra and Land Cruiser

Large brake packages combined with a deep backspace requirement on Toyota Tundra and 200 Series Land Cruisers can make finding 17-inch wheels a challenge.

Icon announced that its Six Speed wheel has been designed to fit both models.

“Icon Alloys went above and beyond to make sure the 17-inch 5x150mm Six Speed not only improves the look of these Toyota models, but the overall function of the vehicle as well,” an Icon press release reports. “Extra care was taken to make sure the barrel of the wheel would clear the larger brake components found on the Tundra and Land Cruiser, while proper backspace and wheel offset dimensions have been strategically developed to reduce scrub radius and improve all-around handling and ride quality.”

This focus on precision fitment also allows end users to equip their vehicles with 35-inch tires and experience un-hindered suspension travel and steering function when used with an Icon Vehicle Dynamics coilover kit.