Baja Designs improves OnX6 light bars

Baja Designs OnX6 10-inch light bar comboBaja Designs OnX6 10-inch light bar combo

Baja Designs announced that its line-up of OnX6 light bar systems is expanding and now offers more levels of high-performance lighting.

All of the light bars are based on the original OnX6 light bar, which is 10-inches long and features Baja Designs’ exclusive MoistureBlock Technology and the industry’s only anodized aircraft-grade aluminum extruded housing, with a CNC-machined anodized billet aluminum bezel.

Mounting brackets are made of corrosion-proof 316-grade stainless steel and feature stainless steel fasteners. All lenses are user replaceable and made of high-impact, hard coated polycarbonate material. The O-ring sealed lens/reflector assemblies are submersible, waterproof and dust-resistant.

At the heart of the OnX6 family of light bars are high-performance LEDs which produce a 5000K (5000° Kelvin) Daylight natural light color temperature, which is easy on the eyes because they replicate the noon-time sun with zero cloud coverage.

The high-performance LEDs and Baja Designs circuit board design deliver a 49,930-hour life span, “ensuring this is the last light bar you will ever have to purchase.”

The “base” OnX6 light bar produces an impressive 7,350 lumens per 10-inch section. The OnX6 LED light bar integrates six Baja Designs’ trademarked High-Speed Spot reflectors which the companys reports are designed to deliver the furthest projecting LED in the marketplace.  The base OnX6 is available in three lighting patterns: driving/combo, wide driving and high-speed spot to meet specific lighting requirements.

A new addition to the OnX6 family, the OnX6 hi-power light bar, is engineered to deliver even greater on-trail lighting performance by combining two of the popular, premium LED lights onto a single platform. Using six LEDs – four near field/mid-field pattern, 20 watt LEDs and two long distance, 10 watt LEDs – the OnX6 Hi-Power light bar projects 11,650 lumens per 10-inch section into the darkness. The OnX6 Hi-Power light bars start with the 10-inch size, and are also available in 20-inch (12 LEDs), 30-inch (18 LEDs) and 40-inch (24 LEDs) lengths.

The new OnX6 Racer Edition Series light bar shares many of the same physical characteristics of its siblings. Baja Designs engineers exchanged the 10 watt LED with a high-intensity version narrowing the spot reflector from 6° to 4°, which reaches deeper into the night. The OnX6 Racer Edition Series light bars have been designed specifically for long distance and high-speed applications.

Like all Baja Design lighting systems, the OnX6 family of light bars meet and exceed several stringent testing standards – MIL-STD810G (Mil-Spec Testing), IP69K (waterproof up to 9 feet, pressure washable) and are IK10 Compliant (Mechanical Impact Testing).  The CopperDrive circuitry features built-in over-voltage protection—the first LED lighting systems to be driven at 100 percent capacity. The Baja Designs uService Replaceable Lenses and Optics provide a light bar which are completely serviceable in the field.

All Baja Design lighting systems products are designed and manufactured in the U.S. with a minimum of 65 percent U.S. content. Baja Designs offers a 30-Day, Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee and a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all products.

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