Product review: Titan Straps

img_4100I’ve had a set of Titan Straps for about year, and for the longest time I wasn’t really sure what I thought about them. I use bungee cords religiously. As far as utility goes, bungee cords are rivaled only by a Swiss Army knife.

But there are certain instances where bungee cords don’t fit the bill. Enter Titan Straps. Titan Straps are made from a stretchy, high performance polymer that’s been given a boost of a UV additive for extra life. A polished, heat-treated aircraft aluminum buckle is over-molded for strength.

Titan Straps work in that space where a bungee cord won’t give you adequate cargo securement. They work basically like a belt; you wrap them around something you want to bundle together – water hose, extension cord, lumber or whatever else – and cinch the strap over the buckle as tight as you want. I’ve also used them to cinch a ladder to a ladder rack and it holds like a vice.

I was concerned that the tight strap would be difficult to slip out of the buckle but it could hardly be easier to uncouple.

My set of Titan Straps included two 18 inch straps and 25 inch “industrial”. Mine are yellow, black and blue but they are available in many colors, including high-visibility pinks and oranges.

The 18 inch works well to keep a 75 foot water hose under control, and I’ve found the larger ones useful to bundle lumber together in bunches of similar size.

Individually, the straps range in cost from between $7 to almost $10 depending on length, which seems like a lot for a basically short belt but it’s really a bargain for the versatility and durability offered. These aren’t cheaply made. I’ve used these them regularly for a year and at least one has been out in the sun and weather everyday. It works just as well today as it did when it was new.

These straps are the kind of tool you never think you need until you have them, and then you wonder how you ever lived without them. At least a couple should be in the console of every pickup or toolbox on the road.