CST launches 4.5-inch lift kit for 2014-up GM 1/2-ton trucks

Updated Nov 3, 2016

img_0532CST Suspension had its new 4.5-inch lift kit for 2014-up GM 1/-2-ton trucks on display at SEMA.

The 4.5-inch performance suspension system drops the upper and lower control arms down using boxed and gusseted UCA drop brackets and LCA cross members.

“To achieve a true 4.5-inch lift on the 2014-up GMC & Chevy four-wheel drive trucks we drop the lower control arms down using our high clearance cross-members that follow flush in to the factory x-member for improved ground clearance,” CST states on its website.

“Next we drop the upper control arms down using boxed & gusseted drop brackets. The front portion of the kit includes laser cut coil-over extensions, boxed diff & sway-bar drop brackets & all necessary install hardware.”

The kit also includes an aluminum skid-plate to connect the front and rear CST LCA cross-members and protect the front differential. The rear of the truck is lifted using hand-built 3-inch lift blocks and zinc-plated u-bolts. The stage 2 kit also includes rear shocks.

CSK-C3-19-2 / STAGE 2 / 4.5” Kit Features

  • 5-inch suspension lift kit provides a level stance
  • Kit can be used with all three of the O.E. spindle/arm configurations
  • Kit retains O.E. track width, steering and 4×4 CV geometry
  • Compatible with Stabiltrack
  • Stock ride and handling, no loss of factory turning radius
  • CST X-members flow perfectly into the factory X-member to provide maximum ground clearance and a cleaner overall look and fit
  • Multiple points of contact on all welds and additional gusset points on all CST parts for increased strength and durability
  • Two stage gloss black power-coat finish
  • Includes lower skid-plate to protect the front diff.
  • Kit allows the use of factory tires and wheels
  • Kit retains the factory load rating, ideal for towing
  • Clears 35-inch tires on 9-inch wide wheels
  • Kit includes mono-tube rear gas shocks