Vanair’s mobile FST3000 +Air provides fast starting, charging and compressed air

Vanair’s FST3000 +Air mobile charger and engine starterVanair’s FST3000 +Air mobile charger and engine starter

While a dead battery is bad news, getting stuck with several on a cold winter day is even worse.

To help you get your fleet back on the road fast Vanair Manufacturing offers its FST3000 +Air mobile charger and engine starter which features a Vanair Super Capacitor (VSC) along with a 250-amp alternator that together provide 3,000 amps of almost instant engine starting and charging capabilities.

Vanair reports that its VSC is the fastest recharging capacitor on the market, allowing the system to jumpstart another piece of machinery in seconds.

“Imagine it’s -4 degrees below outside. You have a fleet of trucks ready for work, but only half of them have working batteries. With our patented engine-starting system, your trucks will be up and running within minutes, and you’ll be back to making money,” says Vanair President Greg Kokot.

The FST3000 +Air is powerful enough to start and charge both 12-volt and 24-volt batteries on large, heavy-duty transportation vehicles and machinery equipment, including agriculture, construction, trucking, buses and more.

Virtually maintenance-free, the versatile FST3000 +Air comes equipped with a 24 CFM and up to 175 PSI reciprocating air compressor, allowing air tools to be used at the job site and eliminating the need for a separate piece of equipment to tow or store on your truck.

The remote control panel is designed to be mounted where it’s most convenient for the operator. It’s also packed with multiple safety features including reverse polarity, short circuit protection, connection faults, proper voltage protection and an enclosure for the electrical components.

Vanair Manufacturing is a leading provider of vehicle-mounted air compressors, generators, welders and multi-drive systems. For more information, contact Vanair at 800-526-8817 or