Curt publishes new towing guide


Curt logoCurt Manufacturing has published a new towing guide that covers topics like hitch selection and safe towing practices.

Understanding Towing includes the Towing 101 beginner’s guide plus a towing glossary that’s been expanded from 140 to over 500 towing-related terms.

The new Towing 101 guide contains detailed information, videos, diagrams and charts. Ten chapters include information on basic towing components, hitch selection, hitch installation, trailer hook-up and safe towing tips.

The entire guide is available on the Curt website and can be downloaded in PDF format, using the links throughout the guide.

The other component of Understanding Towing is the new Towing Glossary. Expanded from 140 to over 500 towing-related terms, this resource offers definitions, helpful pictures and diagrams, as well as links to additional resources. It also has a number of related terms and associated links to allow the user to easily navigate the glossary.