InPower launches customizable modules for load control

InPower has introduced new ReFlex family customizable modules for load control.InPower has introduced new ReFlex family customizable modules for load control.

InPower, a full-service provider of electrical systems solutions for work trucks, has developed the new ReFlex family of customizable modules.

The ReFlex builds upon the capabilities of InPower’s vehicle control module (VCM) series to provide additional flexibility and customization to vehicle load control.

“With the ReFlex series, multiple functions can be programmed into one compact module, which simplifies both installation and operation,” said John Melvin, InPower’s Vice President of Engineering.

The ReFlex series also offers more capabilities and power for controlling loads, timer functions and DC motors. An integrated Molex MX-150 connector is designed to ease installation.

Select models have the ability to communicate across the Controller Area Network (CAN bus).

Available ReFlex modules include: RX-0302 with 3 inputs/2 outputs and 15 total amps; RX-0202 with 2 inputs/2 outputs and 30 total amps; RXC with 2 inputs/2 outputs and CAN capability; RXG-0202 with 2 inputs/2 ground outputs and 30 total amps; and RX-H, a 10 amp H-bridge controller.

“With the ReFlex series, our customers have an increased level of control over vehicle functions, from timed operation of lights to motorized hose reels,” says Melvin. “The modules are easy to program and can be tailored to a customer’s specific needs.”

In addition, the ReFlex series recently received an IP67 rating of its protection level against intrusion. The rating means the module is totally protected against dust ingress as well as short periods of water immersion.