Minimizer adds work truck coverage to floor mat line

Updated Nov 12, 2015

Minimizer has added coverage for Freightliner’s severe duty truck along with Coronado to its Custom Molded Floor Mats line. Mats for Coronado (model years 2010-2016) and the Freightliner 122SD (2013-2016) are now available.

“When you look at the time savings and the expense savings, Minimizer Floor Mats are a no brainer,” K&B Transportation President Brock Ackermann says.

Minimizer engineers use cutting edge technology to scan the interior measurements and angles of each specific make and model to ensure an exact fit. A retention hook mounted to the base of the stick shift is designed to keep the floor mat in place.

“These mats put that dirt and mud just where they’re supposed to be,” owner/operator Mike Elnicky says. “The best part is Minimizer’s custom fit. The design just wraps around the pedals and contours, keeping carpeting clean and filth off your floor.”

The tray system is designed to be removed easily for quick cleaning. In a matter of seconds, the mat is spotless so the truck can get back on the road.