Updated Aug 11, 2015

TL_ExpeditionTruXedo expands accessories with multiple Truck Luggage solutions to keep tools and cargo secure in the bed

TruXedo just released a new line of accessories, Truck Luggage, designed to keep tools, supplies and loose articles contained, as well as complement your truck and your lifestyle.

Truck Luggage is the newest line in truck bed accessories, and includes a variety of products for everyday use.

  • The Expedition is a cargo storage sling that will attach anywhere along the rails of the truck bed, providing quick and convenient storage space that can be removed in seconds.
  • The Saddlebag is a storage bag that mounts behind the driver side wheel well for easy access to smaller items.
  • The B-Light is a universal, battery powered lighting system that is available in 18 and 36-inch lengths, and comes equipped with an automated shutoff feature.
  • And Truxmat is a convenient, portable utility mat that can be used anywhere from your garage to the jobsite.
  • Newest to the line are the Cargo Retriever and Bulkhead Tray.With the Cargo Retriever, you can easily access out-of-reach items from any side of the truck bed while the Bulkhead Tray is a strong, durable and convenient storage solution that is designed to fit onto the front cab rail of your truck bed, and has an adjustable leveling system.   All Truck Luggage accessories can be purchased through TruXedo’s network of distributors and dealers.

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