Boom Mat Reduces Engine Noise & Heat Coming Into The Cab

Updated Aug 4, 2015

050200_BoomMat_Black 2Pack Image BPeel-and-stick your way to a more comfortable cab interior

If you are looking for a way to reduce interior cab noise and heat radiated from the road and engine compartment, Boom Mat offers a premium peel-and-stick Damping Material designed to do just that.

Boom Mat’s original damping material has been improved to more effectively reduce road, engine and vibration noise is reduced dramatically when applied to floorboards, firewalls, door skins and overhead interior roof panels.

It applies easily to most horizontal, vertical and inverted surfaces without sagging or separation.

Boom Mat also has thermal properties that help reduce heat absorbtion into the cab from the road and engine compartment.

To learn more about Boom Mat’s new and improved 2mm Damping Material, or the thicker 4mm XL Damping Material, call 800-264-9472, email [email protected], or go to