RAPTAIR-MF Modular On-Board Power System

Updated Jul 30, 2015

RAPTAIR-MF2Get What You Need in the RAPTAIR-MF Diesel Drive Modular Multifunction System

Why would you pay for components you don’t use? With VMAC’s RAPTAIR-MF Diesel Drive Modular Multifunction you can build a personalized power system that fits your needs.

Lighter, more compact, and more powerful than the competition – the RAPTAIR-MF allows you to reap the benefitts of your work truck to carry more, do more, and weigh less.

With up to six systems in one you can seamlessly switch between applications without the hassle of maneuvering equipment.

The core of the RAPTAIR-MF consists of a Kubota Diesel Engine and 45 CFM Rotary Screw Air Compressor, that could be complemented with 8,000 Watt A/C generator, 300 Amp DC Welder, Battery Booster, Battery Charger and PTO Port with 3 different Hydraulic Pump options.

VMAC also offers optional Cold Climate Protection.

The RAPTAIR-MF is a customizable multifunction system allowing you to run most air tools, handle welding needs, boost and charge batteries, and provide a reliable source of power. All of this in a compact package that maximizes customer value across the world.

CONTACT: VMAC; 877-912-6605