Discoverer A/TW A True All-Terrain Winter Tire

Updated Jul 29, 2015

Cooper ATW snow tireCooper Discoverer A/TW

Tuned to deliver the snow traction of traditional winter tires, the Cooper Discoverer A/TW is a new hybrid light-truck tire that combines all-terrain and winter capabilities.

The Discoverer A/TW provides the on- and off-road year round performance required from an all-terrain tire.

Plus, the advanced compound technology and design innovations deliver uncompromised performance necessary to achieve the mountain snowflake rating.


  • Micro-gauge corrugated siping optimizes all-terrain performance with an
  • emphasis on winter traction
  • Snowgroove™ 2.0 provides better mechanical locking of snow into the
  • grooves which generate higher snow-on-snow traction forces
  • Twin tie-bars provide stability for confident handling and reduces
  • irregular wear for longer tread life and a quieter ride
  • Asymmetric dual-draft groove angles reduce the tires tendency to retain stones
  • and rocks, extending the life of the tire
  • Chevron self-cleaning grooves provide enhanced all-terrain performance while the more aggressive offsets improve snow and loose surface traction

Mountain-Snowflake Symbol: Tires designed for use in severe snow conditions generally have tread patterns, structure and materials to give superior performance. These tires are marked with the mountain/snowflake symbol along with the “M+S” designation.