Mad Ramp Makes ATV Hauling Easier Than Trailering

Load up your ATV or side-by-side/UTV and forget about the hassle and expense of a trailer.  

Mad-Ramps virtually extend the length of the pickup bed and are a safe, innovative and quick way to get your machine loaded and on the road to wherever you want to go.

Mad Ramps accommodate side-by-sides eliminating need for a trailer.Mad Ramps accommodate side-by-sides eliminating need for a trailer.

Mad Ramps are constructed from steel and aluminum designed to stand the test of time.

Ideal for any pickup configuration. Full-size short-beds still have three feet of cargo space with an ATV or side-by-sdie loaded using Mad Ramps.    

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MAD-RAMPS are great for farmers and outdoorsmen who are looking to transport their ATV to the field or their next outdoor adventure.  It’s a safe and easy way to allow you maximize your time outdoors and still have cargo capacity to haul your other tools and equipment.