SaltDogg Salt Spreader Stands

Updated Jul 16, 2015

BuyersSaltDoggSpreaderStand3027468SaltDogg’s  six new stands come with adjustable legs to accommodate various bed heights for faster, easier salt loading and storage

Buyers Products has added six new spreader stands for their full-size hydraulic SaltDogg spreaders.

The spreader stands make loading, unloading and storage, simple and efficient.

The six new stands fit 10-foot to 15-foot full-size hydraulic SaltDogg spreaders and are also designed to accommodate spreaders with prewet tanks.

The powder-coated, or galvanized, steel spreader stands come with built-in rollers on the rear and sides of the unit to make the on and off loading of a dump body easier..

Each of the new Buyers’ stands has adjustable legs to be used with various bed heights, and is equipped for either bolt-on or weld-on installation, depending on the customer’s preference.