Extreme Country Mud Tire

DC-Extreme Country_w_DC_Torque_Blk(2)Need great traction in mud? The new Extreme Country mud-terrain tire from Dick Cepek will fit that need with ease.

It’s designed specifically for those who drive their work trucks where road conditions are more likely to be off-roading than pavement pounding.

DC’s Extreme Country mud tires employ a proven tread compound for excellent traction, responsive handling, even wear, longer life and a smoother, quieter on-road ride.

The Extreme Country’s tread features special chamfers and notched inner and outer lugs for stability and responsive grip on irregular surfaces.

The heavy-duty carcass is reinforced with two-ply high-tensile body cord for sidewall strength without increased weight or rolling resistance.

Wide outer tread voids and self-cleaning angled shoulder scallops provide better traction in mud and loose soil, and specially-designed stone ejector tread grooves prevent stone retention.

Dick Cepek Extreme Country is available for 15- to 20-inch rims with more sizes coming later this year.