Hidden Overhead Gun Rack

Updated Jun 30, 2015

Keeping rifles and shotguns secure in pickups is always a challenge for outdoorsmen and gun enthusiasts. An even bigger challenge is keeping them out of sight.

Great Day has a nice solution for both: the CL1500 Center-Lok Gunrack.

Great Day Inc’s CL1500 Center-Lok gun rackGreat Day Inc’s CL1500 Center-Lok gun rack

This overhead  CL1500 Center-Lok Gunrack is designed for use in full-size crew cab trucks.

Installation is simple: It mounts flush to the headliner using the frame of the “B”-pillars to lock it in place using an adjustable crossbar. 

The CL1500 is available in either single- or two-gun models.

Contact: Great Day, Inc; 866-649-1918