Sway Bars For Lifted Pickups

Updated Jun 26, 2015
Hellwig rear sway bar kit for lifted 2015 F-150s.Hellwig rear sway bar kit for lifted 2015 F-150s.

Hellwig brings added stability to new pickups with suspension lift kits

Lift a pickup’s suspension to clear taller tires and the truck’s Center of Gravity (COG) rises as well, increasing instability and body roll, especially when towing or carrying heavier loads in the bed.

The best solution to help control COG is adding or increasing the size of the rear sway bar, and Hellwig has that area covered.

Hellwig just released five new rear sway bar kits for lifted Ford, GM and Ram pickups. These kits complete the coverage of all new, domestic 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-ton models. These sway bars fit specific vehicles with a specific rear lift heights.

Most lift kits on the market level the truck by lifting the front approximately 2” more than the rear, so measure the rear height, not just the front when determining if the part will fit. In many cases, a 6” lift will only be a 4” lift in the rear.

These upgraded sway bar kits increases the anti-roll stiffness to improve both safety and comfort, whether it is daily driving or in tow/haul conditions.

All of Hellwig’s components are made in the United States and include everything necessary to complete the install.

They are direct bolt on kits, requiring no drilling or welding, and steel components are covered by the Hellwig lifetime warranty.