Fuel Prep Biocide group

Penray’s powerful fungus and bacteria-killer ideal for diesel fuel storage at fuel wholesalers, trucking and construction companies

The Penray Companies, Inc. is now offering its Fuel Prep Biocide for use in diesel fuel storage tanks.

This biocide kills off microbial growth in diesel fuel, which is a problem when water accumulates in diesel fuel storage and transport tanks.

The Penray biocide is a fast-acting, single-dose biocide that stops 90% of microbial growth activity in as little as six hours. It is so effective you may only have to treat twice a year. By doing so, it can protect all components of the fuel storage system from the corrosion that microbial growth can cause.

At the same time, it prevents the formation of microbial growth that can plug fuel filters, interfering with fueling efficiency, and causing expensive downtime.

Penray’s biocide is conveniently packaged in pints or gallons, to treat 1,250 or 10,000 gallons respectively.




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