Yamaha PW 3028 Pressure Washer

Updated Jun 14, 2015

Yamaha PW 3028 workKeeping vehicles and equipment clean is the most basic of items on a fleet manager’s preventive-maintenance list.

One easy way to get the dirt and debris off quickly is using the Yamaha PW3028 pressure washer. It’s one of the most innovative and versatile pressure washers on the market.

The PW3028 delivers up to 3000psi to dislodge the stubornest mud and rocks from construction equipment and work trucks using just 2.8 gallon-per-minute output.

If that’s too much pressure, the PW3028’s 5-in-1 nozzle can be set as low as 800psi for gentler cleaning tasks, and it has different angle settings so it’s easy to reach under wheel wells and other normally hard-to-get-at areas of vehicles and machines.

Engine power comes from a 196cc Yamaha 4-stroke while water power is supplied by Cat Pumps, which means it’s going to keep on running for many seasons to come.